Choking on my own words.

100 themes: Breathe Again

We rattled the dust from the old church doors
Sunlight streaming through stained glass
It would never hold our image
Neither yours
Nor mine

Like we were somehow less important
We laughed at the idea
And made love on the time worn pews
The open pages of the bible acted as our pillow
Little words of black on aged golden pages
Promising that god loved us anyway


We loved ourselves.

brightmoontrigon asked: "I would buy a book of your poetry without hesitation; it's so wonderful."

Thank you so much!
I would like to sell books of my writing
If I do, I hope you will find one on your shelf!

100 themes: Drive

Can we leave?
It could be just you and I
We’ll stay up too late
Wake up too early
We could be made of laughter

Could be made of love
Of light
Of hope

We could do a lot of things
I guess
I’m made of stone
And disappointment

I’m not going anywhere.

100 themes: Innocence

Distorted shapes
Rainbows of light
Our voices

Smells like cola
Pop pop pop

From our chest
A song from a robin’s breast

Sunset orange
We hurtled through
Green stars

It couldn’t last.

100 themes: Heaven

Flecks of dust
Hovering in a beam of light
Sitting over your lap
With my bare knees
In your blankets

The little bones hurt
When they pierced my skin
Blooming outwards
Reds and whites and grays
Feathers the colour of a white cloth
Left out too long
Dirty feathers
Dirty soul

But they worked
I fled from your lap
To your arms

Thanks I guess
For letting me use you.

100 themes: 6. Break away

He was a glacier
Pieces of him tumbling
Into the welcoming water below
Taking flying leaps
As they attempted to touch the sky
But sinking only into pale reflections

The bubbles that might have been stars
Proved to be just as beautiful
And these shards of him
Were struck with awe
At how wonderful things were
Because even though they didn’t succeed
They tried

And that was good enough.

100 themes: 5. Seeking Solace

Moths gathered on our windowsill to die
In the embrace of the sun
Just once.
Or perhaps the moon they were never able to reach
We will never know, you and I
We will never stain the fingertips of curious children
With our nonexistent wings.
Powdery grays and browns.
Glimmering like the makeup you got
With money we don’t have.

100 themes: 4. Dark

The way I feel when you disappear
Could be likened to ships sinking
But at least they are not alone
They have fish swimming through their bones
Sharks resting on their spine
Seabirds above their skulls


I too am so like the sea
For I drag down
The things I love the most
But I am barren I fear
There are no whales
Singing sad songs
Of love
Of loss
In my throat

Coral does not grow
Bright and lively
In my skull
There is nothing for you here
Float on.
Float on.

100 themes challenge: 3. Light

In your eyes I could see
Every bright song
Sung by blue-birds
The gurgling of streams
Baby’s breath.
For beauty.

They were jealous of you
The same way I am
Of every mirror who has ever
Taken you into their silvery embrace

My heart flutters into my throat
The words you speak

Now if only you loved yourself
As much as I love you.

100 themes: 2. Love

When we let the painted ladies go
Children on the playground grass
We didn’t cry then
Because we hadn’t learned
That when you let things go
In love of them
They don’t come back.

So when we grew up
We didn’t let them go again

We pinned them down
Under sheathes of glass
Golden frames
Made to look older than they were
The same way we tried
So hard
To act older than we were.

But how childish is it
To pin something down
And let the colour fade
Rather than enjoy it’s beauty
As it leaves.